• This item is coming soon. Release: 1 October 2021 Under the mighty roar of fatally melodic and gruellingly dissonant black metal, the Leipzig trio Flesia sees the darkness of the world. The fitting soundtrack is provided by their debut album Trost, on which exactly that is not to be found. The instrumentation, reduced exclusively to bass and drums, creates violently rearing acoustic walls and pulsating song structures - mostly lapsing into frenzy, but occasionally bursting into deeply painful resignation, but always consistently behind a unique backdrop of the brutal collapse of being. Due to the broad amp repertoire, the bass scratches, bites, seethes and eats into the synapses with an almost unbelievably broad sound spectrum, always driven by relentless, mostly blasting drums. This musical doomsday rage is completed by ranting, screaming and manically whispering vocals, which express a devastating, retributive view of power, consumption and human existence. With their debut album, Flesia leave a burning trail of destruction and prove that blasts, bass and prose are the only necessary means to do so. Tracklist: 01. Realität 02. Getrübtes Licht 03. Dogma 04. Endlichkeit 05. Freiwilliger Insasse (Audio bei YouTube) 06. Kontrast 07. Liebende 08. Endoparasit 09. Zündglut
  • Release: 2 October 2020 As M. Bakunin described it once, the liberty of people solely consists in obeying the natural laws as the humans recognized themselves as a part of it, not because they are given by any secular or "divine" force or will. Following this basic thesis, Toadeater unleash their second longplayer "Bit to ewigen Daogen" right after releasing the EP "Hestia". The upcoming opus contains five monuments about mankind's creation, their alienation with an ecosystem they were orginally born into and the happening decay of our civilization. Musically "Bit To ewigen Daogen" is Toadeater's most elaborated work and the atmosphere is more oppressive and melancholic than ever before. Staying true to their trademarks, all songs are built on elegiac melodies alternating with manic riffing, rage filled drumming, ulver-ish synth-parts and majestic clean vocals (for the first time). This Longplayer brings Toadeater's well-known atmosphere to a higher level of despair and agony." Tracklist: 1. ...Before The Desecrated Sanctuary (2:27) 2. Conquering The Throne (8:55) 3. Crows And Sparrows (7:59) 4. Returning The Crown (9:00) 5. Too Close To The Sun (8:19)
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    Hester – Succus 12″

    8,00  8,00 
    Release-Date: April 30, 2018 Credits: • Photography by Koch & James and Sebastian Wiemer • Design by Erik Schöfer • Image editing by Christian Ertel • Succus was recorded live by Chris Bethge at RAMA Recording Studio Mannheim 2o16 • Mixed and masterd by Tobias Schwarz 2o16 • All songs written by Hester • Hester is: Benjamin Bartosch, Caroline Courbier, Christoph Heidt, David Bastong, Sebastian Wiemer
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    boden – s/t 12″

    6,00  6,00 
    repress on blue-grey vinyl with a b-side-screenprint

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