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terraformer – creatures 12″

2023-05-24T07:23:02+00:0026. November 2014|

Creatures is the second full album by the Belgian trio. Like the previous album, The Sea Shaper, this is also a co-production between dunk!records and Revolvermann Records. This time also Emotionally Unstable Records joins the party. The album is released on vinyl only. Of course in a beautiful designed cover, black inner sleeve and 180g [...]


2023-03-31T08:53:40+00:001. Dezember 2014|

past shows 11.11.15 / we stood like kings (bel) / jaz hro </td< 28.o3.14 / hexis (den) + balg (de) nykturaneion / jaz hro o6.o8.13 / terraformer (bel) + ilydaen (bel) the k. (bel) / alte zuckerfabrik hro 24.o7.13 / ◯ (de) + sun worship (de) / alte zuckerfabrik hro 13.o6.13 / hermelin [...]


2023-07-01T11:56:30+00:0026. November 2014|

Welk - Mahr 12" | riza027 Welk – Mahr 12″ | riza027 300 pieces on 180g black vinyl MAHR by WELK released February 22, 2022 vinyl release: t.b.a. Mahr is an album that deals with a variety of fears. The mythological figure of Mahr / Nachtalb [...]

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