I am very happy to tell you the preorder for the debut album by Farson called ‚Erode‘ just started. You have the possibility to order the record on white vinyl together with a white logo slipmat, which is just available for preorder costumers.
Many thanks to Joscha Bauer of Abest, who created this great cover artwork!

~ preorder ‚Erode‘ 12″: http://bit.ly/22kQ7Q6
~ stream ‚Contradictions Consuming‘: https://youtu.be/K2IxrsB7pFI

‚Conceptually dealing with emotional and physical decay, „Erode“ is the first album of the quartet Farson. Four atmospheric songs that reflect the devastating contradictions immanent in human life. On this record, Farson built a Stronghold of melodic and devastatingly beautiful reverb-soaked guitars, only to slowly let it erode in ever oncoming surges of inescapable, relentless blastbeats and desperate screams. This is an album that makes you feel pleasent only to pull the rug out from under your feet to let you sink into a maelstrom of forlornness.‘